Fred, the falcon!

23 March 2021

Party’s over, birdies!

Pigeons/crows in the community are not going to be thrilled about the new, no-nonsense addition to Arabian Ranches housekeeping team, Fred, the falcon! The trained national bird has been hired to drive away pigeons/crows ganging up on the community’s balconies and roofs. And, he does it without harming any of them.

Fred’s modus operandi:

  • He first tries to scare away the pigeons, which is usually successful as most birds see falcons as their natural predator.
  • If a few of the braver pigeons decide to remain stubborn, Fred homes in on the and grabs them.
  • Well-trained to do them no harm, he then simply delivers the hapless pigeon back to the handler, who puts it in a cage.